From Edmonton to Calgary to Red Deer, small businesses are the bedrock of the economy in communities across Alberta. At Credit Arch, we help entrepreneurs and business owners in Alberta access small business loans to help them achieve growth and make sure their finances are in good health.

Whether you own an established business or a relatively new company in Alberta, Credit Arch will help you evaluate your financing options and find the best business loan for your situation. If your Alberta-based company needs working capital for cash flow, unexpected expenses or a capital investment, our network of alternative lenders will provide business financing options that will help you achieve your goals.

How do I Get a Small Business Loan in Alberta?

Unlike getting loans from financial institutions, like the big banks, we do everything possible to make sure that entrepreneurs can secure financing quickly and easily. Our business loan application process only takes a few minutes to complete, so we can start leveraging our network of lending partners to get you the best possible loan without delay.

We proudly support small businesses throughout Alberta by making sure they have access to the funding sources they need to thrive and realize their business plan. By finding Alberta business loans with competitive interest rates and repayment terms, Credit Arch provides funding solutions to real business problems.

For Entrepreneurs in Alberta, Small Business Loans are Vital

The government of Canada makes efforts to support small businesses in Alberta, and across the country, through government programs that are usually structured around taxation. Initiatives like tax credits and small business resources from the canadian development bank are helpful for some entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, these initiatives are not helpful for small businesses in need of emergency financing.

At Credit Arch, our goal is to be a partner in the success of small business in Alberta by providing access to hassle-free lending options, so entrepreneurs can rise to meet new business challenges and turn business ideas into new opportunities.

Thanks to Credit Arch’s help, companies from all corners of Alberta have been connected with a small business loan that makes sense for their organizations. People across the province have been able to improve the products and services of their businesses by using their loans for things like:

Equipment Purchases

Using loan funds to acquire high-quality equipment and machinery can help boost business volume and profit margins.


Entrepreneurs rarely have a marketing department, which is why so many of them use their business loans to hire a resident marketing specialist to help attract new clients.


Similar to marketing, small companies rarely have a dedicated human resources specialist on staff. Using a business loan to invest in training, coaching and team-building activities could help your company gain a competitive edge.

Renovation or Relocation

Successful businesses often outgrow their initial site of operation before long. By relocating or renovating to meet growing needs, many companies use their business loans to pave the way for future success.

What Sort Of Information Is Required?

At Credit Arch, we don’t need too much of your data to get started – just the basics. While every loan type is different, you’ll likely need:

of Age

Only those 18 and up can apply


The better the score, the lower the rates

Current Debt

Describing your current financial commitments will help

Income Level

The more stable your income the better

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