In PEI, as it is across the country, small businesses represent the backbone of the Canadian economy. At Credit Arch, we help residents of Prince Edward Island get the access to capital they need so their businesses can stay afloat when times are tough.

Whether your business is just starting out in your garage and requires a loan to get off the ground, or if you have an established business in Charlottetown that requires a small business loan to cover day-to-day costs, finding a reliable source of financing is critical. Credit Arch proudly provides small businesses that much-needed assistance.

With some of the most competitive rates in the industry and flexible repayment terms fit for any budget, Credit Arch has solutions for your cash flow or financing problems. Thanks to an application process that only takes a few minutes to complete, we can leverage our network of lending partners to get you the best possible offer quickly and easily.

Your Source for Small Business Loans in Prince Edward Island

In Prince Edward Island, more than 90% of residents are employed by small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). These PEI companies often waste valuable time and effort searching for the loans that best meet their needs.

At Credit Arch, we seek to be a partner in the success of PEI companies by providing access to timely financing, in the form of a business loan, so they can focus on their core products and services.

Our business loans have been used by Charlottetown businesses and all over Prince Edward Island to invest in their operations in one (or more) of the following ways:


Thanks to easy access to finance, PEI companies have been able to finance high-quality equipment and machinery acquisition to boost business volume and profit margins.


Many PEI SMBs don’t have a marketing department, which is why so many among them use their business loans to hire a resident marketing specialist to help attract new clients.


Likewise with marketing, most SMBs in PEI don’t have a dedicated human resources specialist on staff. Using a business loan to invest in training, coaching and team-building activities helps provide PEI companies with a competitive edge.

Renovation or Relocation

Successful PEI businesses often outgrow their start-up locations before long. But relocating within PEI or renovating to meet growing needs, is how many companies have used their business loan to pave the way for future success.

What Sort Of Information Is Required?

At Credit Arch, we don’t need too much of your data to get started – just the basics. While every loan type is different, you’ll likely need:

of Age

Only those 18 and up can apply


The better the score, the lower the rates

Current Debt

Describing your current financial commitments will help

Income Level

The more stable your income the better

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